Cappuccino and Espresso Kiosk

/ / $20,001-30,000, Coffee Pushcart, Food Pushcart, Pushcarts, Retail Pushcart
This large indoor coffee kiosk was made for coffee, cappuccino and espresso service. This unit may also be used for just about any food or beverage application including fresh juicing, crepes, sandwiches etc. The kiosk unit shown was made completely with welded aluminum. Aluminum is food safe and anti bacterial. Aluminum is also very strong and lightweight. Once powder coated the aluminum is sealed in a baked paint which hardens and resists scratching and wear for decades. The coffee kiosk shown has one service side for POS and sales. The two middle sides are vertical shelving display where coffee beans, mugs, t-shirts etc can be offered for sale. A good Starbucks model, coffee and retail, the killer combination. Each corner sports 3 adjustable and directional lights which can be used effectively to light up the areas of which you want your customers to attract to. The back-side of the kiosk is the production side and is glassed in to keep hands away from the hot equipment. This is where the coffee is made and crepes / food is produced. The backside of the kiosk also contains a sink system with 3 basins which passes all health codes.

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