Coffee Carts for Hot Sales

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Coffee carts on sale are for indoor or outdoor applications. They are designed and manufactured with your ideas in mind. They exemplify cool styling and is designed for highly mobile coffee applications. Bright yellow, bright blue, or bright red, our push carts comes in any color you wish. Too cool for school!

The dimensions of this portable coffee unit, (height and width), allow this mobile unit to be moved easily from location to location. These push carts can imply put into the back of a mini-van with the quick release posts and canopy. Our coffee units are designed and manufactured for mobile sales. You can move these mobile push cart unit between building floors, up and down elevators serving coffees, pastries or retail goods. This mobile unit breaks down into separate components. Beautiful push cart detail and styling.

Most units have locking storage below, push handles on one end, chrome upright posts, striped canopy and rubber bumper counter top. We can make a custom coffee mobile carts for you in any size you wish, 8 x 4, 6 x 3, x 5 or smaller or larger. Mobile units generally do not have electrical built in as the mobile cart obviously has to be moved from location to location. Cart-King can however provide electrical outlets to your mobile unit if you wish so you can plug your push cart in when you have arrived at your location.

Mobile coffee carts application’s are usually simple and straight forward. Hospitals, Airports, Office building are all examples of where push carts can be used. For more information view the video below outlining the variety of push carts we have…

This Coffee Cart and can be used in the Coffee and Cappuccino markets.

This little Hot Rod of a “mobile coffee cart” is designed for highly mobile food or “coffee service” applications. The dimensions allow for this unit to clear standard office doorways and elevators. Check out the large bike wheels and locking casters. Move this unit from floor to floor in any office building or hospital. You can vend coffee, espresso, cappuccino, food, and pastries.

Comes in your choice of laminates and colors. This mobile coffee cart is awesome for any beverage vending needs.



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