Coffee Vendor Service Kiosk

/ / $20,001-30,000, Mall Kiosks, Retail Display
Sophisticated Service Retail/Coffee Kiosk

A Cleverly Designed Expandable Concept…
This unit was designed for Winn Dixie Grocery Stores to enable the user to utilize the same unit/s to achieve different floor plan results. Fridges, self contained sinks, electrical, lighting and casters. What is very unique is this unit is actually 2 identical smaller carts that can be used together as one large coffee cart, this allows for the units to be pushed individually through standard double doorways which can come in handy when needed. The welded aluminum canopies are covered with a curved smoked plexi-glass.

This retail kiosk can be used as a bar cart, coffee cart, or food cart, place stools around the perimeter of the unit and you have a full service and serve capability which is interesting and unique for a coffee and espresso cart design. The unit shown is 15 feet x 10 feet and can be made in any size you like, choose your colors,your canopy style etc. We can provide self contained sink units, electrical, lighting and signage. 

The basis for this idea comes from the ability to mass produce one unit which cuts down in overall cost. This one unit can be added to, to provide different floor plans. For instance, many times the vendor will not be sure as to what footprints will be available in multiple mall expansion. This concept assures the vendor they will be able to actively fit any size required in short notice.

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