Mall Food Court Kiosk

/ / $20,001-30,000, Food Carts, Mobile Food

A Food Kiosk for Any Concept!

This complete food, coffee, or crepe kiosk is perfect for just about any application. This unit is styled in a 12 x 12 format which allows for multiple service persons to handle alot of consumer activity. The unit shown was made with all aluminum hand welded joints. The benefit of aluminum is it lasts forever as it is panted with powder coated which is a process that bakes the paint to the aluminum surface. This paint process lasts forever, resists scratching, is light weight and is food safe and anti-bacterial. Further benefits are the ability to apply graphics to the surface with ease and look great.The kiosk unit was designed to be disassembled very easily. There are four side, 2 long and two short. The long sides are the front and back. Front side has the service and sales ability for a POS system and cash register. The backside is where the food or coffee is prepared. This side has a large back splash and self contained sinks as well as a glass backing which keeps the public’s hands away from the hot equipment items.

Designed to be moved readily, the unit is on locking casters. A aluminum skirt is fastened to the bottom of the base unit to cover the locking wheels once situated in place. The 4 corners sport adjustable and directional lighting which allows for handy lighting techniques.

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