Food Concession Stands

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Ice Cream Kiosk

We design food concession stands, kiosks and booth units for all applications. The unit above was designed and manufactured for a transit system. The concession stand or booth kiosk has 3 roll-down locking doors to secure the unit well in a public place at night. When opened this booth kiosk is a full service food concession with coffee, sodas, refrigerated food goods etc.

The food booth kiosk shown is 8 foot x 10 foot x 8 foot tall. The unit contains shelving inside and storage for food and retail items inventory. This booth kiosk contains lighting, electrical, a POS station, plugs and even a magazine rack and a dry food goods glass display. These units come in any color and size you wish.

The exterior of this food concession stand/booth kiosk is manufactured with aluminum and then powder coated to protect it against harsh weather and vandalism. The unit has 6 locking casters and a skirt to cover the casters once in place. The exterior lighting is also a security component as the extra bright lights illuminate this booth kiosk footprint and surrounding area.

The booth kiosk is an excellent way to generate revenue in a public location. please call us today at Cart-king so we can help you with your needs. 1-877-986-7771


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