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Hotel and Resort Kiosks…with Luxury in Mind…

The growing popularity of outdoor hotel retail carts and pool cart revenue is ever present and a growing business prospect. RMU cart business is perfect for poolside applications. A retail cart business may offer tasty treats poolside such as cart was designed with luxury in mind. We can add fridges and freezers to your unit to offer extra tasty treats to your offerings. Our carts have high-end finishings and are made from naturally stained, painted and lacquered wood. Locking casters, dynamic shelving and on-board power and lighting make this an irresistible sales cart

We specialize in different hotel and resort outdoor retail, food and beverage carts and kiosks, see below for further information on this beautiful hand crafted kiosk. One side may may contain a fridge and freezer therein, (this option extra)…the 4th side usually provides you a full POS area. The interior of the unit contains a large cubic feet of storage.  Locking casters, dynamic shelving and on-board power and lighting make this an irresistible model cart. 4 roll down security doors button this unit up tight at night!  The point of sales desk is lit with halogen lighting and lockable.

Floor to ceiling slat-wall on 3 sides for maximum retail presentation. Units come standard with plugs, lighting and locking storage. The outdoor rmu usually has  strategically placed “eye-level” shelves on all 4 posts for a combination of eight highly view-able areas for product display. The unit will also have 6 lock-able casters which allows the vendor to move the unit from one place to another to take advantage of changing customer traffic trends.

Cart-King International has been manufacturing and delivering hotel and resort carts and kiosks such as this outdoor food, beverage and retail kiosk for over 15 years.  See different examples of our outdoor, securable retail carts below.

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