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The Classic Mall Retail Dsplay - Wood and Lighting

A Beautifully Designed Retail Mall Cart for Any Application…

This Retail Mall Cart or, retail merchandising unit,(RMU), is a classic for every merchandising category. Originally designed for the Tsawwasen Quay Public Market. Pyramid style presentation for 3 sided vending. Dynamic vertical shelving for hi-key display. Our RMUs have four huge locking inventory drawers. Directional halogen lighting and onboard electrical for POS system on combined register pedestal with locking drawer for tapes and receipts.

We make beautiful RMUs at Cart-King, we specialize in many types of styles, colors and designs. RMUs are made for malls and airports, we can customize RMUs to fit your particular needs and applications. The unit shown is 8 x 4 footprint and stands 8 feet tall. We can make this unit unit smaller or larger). RMUs are the perfect addition to any place of business if you are serious about generating short and long term revenues.Our RMUs are designed and manufactured to enhance your product line. This unit can be made with any color, our RMUs certainly stands out in a crowd! It is hand crafted with a natural wood surface, which can be stained any color, or laminated with any color…
A POS area, locking storage, aluminum framed canopy and a dynamic shelving system are features of this fresh RMU retail cart concept. Our retail cart units and  merchandise units or RMUs are very well designed and manufactured. This indoor unit can be used for jewelry retail and sun glass sales. This unit comes standard with electrical plugs, lighting and locking casters and locking storage. An example of design adjustments can be seen in the corrugated metal roof and 4 roll down locking doors and different colour scheme.
See security enabled unit examples below…these particular units were placed in a “waterfront” application which requires a rustic and weather-beaten look.  We can provide glass display cases or provide display concepts for your particular products. Sun glass carts and sun glass kiosks are very popular and turn over good profit. We can provide these unit in any color or sizes. 


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