RMU units, Retail Merchandising Units

RMUs, Retail Merchandising Units and RMU unit designs

RMU unit and Kiosk Pricing – Factory Direct: Cart-King offers customers the very best in factory direct retail merchandising units on our entire product line. There are no middlemen to deal with at Cart-King as we are the designers and manufacturers. Dollars will buy retail merchandising units straight from the production line, assuring you the best food push cart and RMU unit pricing for your dollar.

Working within budget: Cart-King not only provides off the shelf retail merchandising units and retail outdoor RMU unit pricing on our entire product line, we can also work with you on a budgetary basis. We understand that sometimes it is not necessarily a matter of what you want, need and require, as a matter of what you have to work with in regards to budget.

Please call us to discuss what your custom display budget is, we are experts in our field and we will work with you to find common ground in relation to what you have allocated as budgetary expenditure. Retail merchandise pricing is relative to what materials and what features are selected. We will be happy to discuss with you the many RMU unit options and feature available with Retail Merchandiser Units which will adjust the retail display cart retail display cart prices in regards to your cost assessments and requirements.

Studio Design…Talk to us at Cart-King and let us know how we can design a RMU, custom retail display cart or coffee kiosk that will serve your commercial space better. We are solution providers when it comes to providing units that are suited to your needs. Let us consult with you on the many design concepts, colors and materials available to you. Our retail mobile food cart and retail kiosk prices are superb and we regularly compete on a national and international basis.

Cart-King provides the most efficient use of your Retail Merchandising Units and RMU unit designs and your retail dollar. Our overhead costs are minimal and our ability to access some of the best wood RMU unit product in the world comes to serve your purchasing dollar better. Please call our friendly sales staff today as they are standing by to assist and consult with you. Help us help you consider a unit for you; then sit back and relax as Cart-King works to manufacture and deliver your RMU units pool side for you to enjoy.

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