Shipping Container Kiosks

/ / $40,001-50,000, Catering Trailers, Concession Trailers, Food Stands, Food Trailers, Outdoor Retail, Retail Display, Retail Pushcart

This shipping container kiosk  is excellent for getting your food onto or into any location fast. C

This beautiful information kiosk unit was designed for just about any outdoor purpose. This unit has display areas for multiple configurations. Cart-King International will design, manufacture and deliver and cart or kiosk in any size or format. We utilize the best materials such as aluminum and glass in most of our projects as it lasts the longest, wethers the best and is very easy to adapt and change with graphical applications.

A few regular features our cart and kiosk units will have are: Materials: all aluminum or steel fabrication is how we make most our units. Steel and aluminum are the lightest materials for their strength. Wood is too heavy, chips, swells, rots, gets water logged etc. Cart-King sticks to metals in our products. Paint: Steel and aluminum carts and kiosks by Cart-King are powder coated. Powder coat is electro-statically applied and does not drip. The paint bonds to the surface ensuring a extremely durable coating that will keep fresh looking for 10 plus years. Locking storage: All of our carts and kiosks will come equipped with locking storage compartments for product inventory. Lighting: Cart-King carts and kiosks will have LED lighting which will provide the very best in practical directional or non directional lighting use.

3D CAD modelling: Cart-King uses the latest design technologies to provide our customers the very best in presentation capability. Our sales staff will consult with you on what your needs, finishings and requirements of what you are desiring in a cart or kiosk. We have been designing and manufacturing retail display for many years. We are experts in working with our clients to determine what their needs are and then addressing them with the perfect and ultimate solution for their applications. We are here to help you so please call us have any questions.

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