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Outdoor Booth Kiosk from Cart-King

Clean Simple Concept for Many Applications…

Booth kiosk design and manufacturing by Cart-King.  This kiosk booth can be designed for a variety of applications. From food and coffee to retail display. In the above custom kiosk display booth is being used as a outdoor towel vendor for a resort and spa. The unit shown is a 8 x 8 foot-print and stands 8 foot tall. The custom display booth kiosk shown is made from outdoor multiply wood with a birch veneer.

The veneer allows for the booth kiosk unit to be stained any color, cherry, mahogany or a lighter color if you wish. The above can also be painted in any color formats you desire. Cart-King works with wood, aluminum and steel. we can fabricate your custom unit in any material to weather different climates. We can provide this unit in any color scheme.

The “booth kiosk” is ideal for many applications as it can be broken down and easily shipped. because it breaks down, it allows for the vendor to move the 8 x 8 booth kiosk through smaller doorways to assemble on the other side. We designed the booth kiosk above to have lighting, a switch, exterior adjustable shelving, and a large POS area, (Point of Sale). The POS area is a 8 foot wide desk at standard counter height which has electricity access, (plugs), and locking cabinets below which enable the booth kiosk vendor to secure their items at night


  • We can provide custom colors and attachments for your needs…
  • Stain or Paint for base color: Mahogany, Beachwood, white, brown, red etc.
  • Slat-wall Fixtures: For any presentation
  • Attachments: Waterfall bars etc



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