Practical concession stands for vehicle drive-thru food sales.

Drive-thru food stands are certainly an excellent business idea. The drive-thru restaurant has already been around for decades. Vehicle drive-thru sales are now at an all-time high as busy people hurry to buy that quick coffee, donuts and bagels. Customers value accessibility and speed when they need food on the go.

This particular commercial grade model was used by Tweedles Mini Donuts to sell coffee and donuts. It has electrical, lighting, plugs, locking windows, door access, and indoor lighting and accessories. We designed it specifically for use by vehicular traffic at an outlet mall. A similar unit can be made for you and used at any parking lot location such as a hotel, mall or resort.

Outdoor food and beverage stands are equally popular with hotels and resorts as they add a new point of sale. Most businesses report the stands pay for themselves in a matter of months. After that it is all profit from there on in.

A versatile and mobile food stand

Four light-weight but very strong tempered sliding glass windows secure the contents at night. There is hi-key, directional lighting on all four sides. Exterior “eye-level” post shelves have been strategically placed for your highest profit margin food items.

While this is a large outdoor unit, for all intents and purposes it is simply taking food stands to another level. Like our other stands, it's built on wheels, making it mobile. Mobility is the key, as you can relocate your business to where the highest traffic is.

But having mobility isn't the only standout feature. Because of the versatile design, you can incorporate just about any appliance you can think of. By adding fryers, a fridge, portable sink, oven, hot dog broiler with a bun warmer and a salamander toaster you could serve just about any type of food imaginable.

Here's just a few ideas of things you could offer:

  • Fish and chips
  • Hamburgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Rogan Josh
  • Philly cheese steak sandwiches
  • Tacos
  • Seafood Rad na

Do we have your wheels turning yet? As you can see, the versatility of these units makes the possibilities limited only to your imagination.

Experienced food stand manufacturer

Cart-King is an experienced manufacturer that has been designing and manufacturing food stands for sale to the public for over 20 years. We started designing and manufacturing with wood. Now we make a series of outdoor aluminum drive-through security units which are purpose-built for commercial food sales.

Food stand availability

We custom build these drive-thru food stands by special order, which typically takes several months. However, if you're looking for something quickly, we have in stock food stands for sale that are perfect for food vending. Give us a call. Our sales staff will consult with you on what your needs, finishings and requirements of what you are desiring in a mobile retail display.

Cart-King is here to help get your food sales rolling!

Cart-King Intl Carts and Kiosks has been designing and manufacturing mobile food carts, stands and kiosks for many years. We are experts in working with vendors to determine what their needs are and then addressing them with the perfect solution for putting their street food business on wheels.

Contact Cart-King to design your food stand today and get your sales rolling. 1-877-986-7771

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