Retail displays for outdoor points of sale

Outdoor retail displays are our specialty. Cart-King has over 20 years of experience creating functional and branded displays for merchandising. After designing and manufacturing so many of them we realized there were some commonalities buyers were looking for.

This led us to design and pre-manufacture aluminum kiosks and carts, ready to go in a shipping crate. You can buy these prefab designs direct from us and we will customize them for you. The best part about it is that you won't have to wait months to take delivery. We have units in stock and ready for sale.

We are very proud of our custom displays and are pleased to showcase them below. There is a wide diversity of projects which demonstrates our expertise, including cell phone kiosks, retail display carts, information kiosks. All of them have two things in common, apart from being portable. They are interactive and catchy so that they instantly attract the attention of visitors and draw them in.

Represent your brand with pre-configured outdoor cart and kiosk displays. Cart-king has a special team of designers on staff that can help you integrate your logos, colors and branding. We can print vinyl wraps and make 3D and 2D lettering signage or a back-lit display.

Call Cart-King Intl Carts and Kiosks today at 1-877-986-7771.

Our outdoor merchandising display showcase

A retail point of sale kiosk can come in many shapes, sizes and fashions. We can design and manufacture whatever you require, and have them secured with high security roll-down security shutters, lockable doors and padlock windows.

The display units are made from outdoor materials such as powder coated aluminum which doesn't corrode like steel or rot like wood. By using aluminum we can create a product that is lighter, more durable and easily transportable.

All of our point of sale units are built on heavy duty wheels and are equipped with electrical and high-key lighting. The focus of our design process is creating an effective, highly visible retail solution for hotels, resorts, casinos and other high traffic locations. We want them to be able to move around easily and we want them to withstand whatever the outdoor climate throws at them.

If you have question about our display units, give us a call. We'll be happy to help. 1-877-986-7771


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