Are you looking for coffee carts for sale? Here's our top selling concepts.

Cart-King has been manufacturing and offering coffee carts for sale to the public for over 20 years. Our skilled team of designers and millwrights have helped many vendors increase revenue by driving mobile sales of their java blends.

Whether you are a new or established business, we can help you too with the variety of different options we have on offer. Depending on your specialty and business plan you may choose our espresso carts, cappuccino trolleys or maybe a nice modular cart with a portable sink that will grow along with your increasing revenue. Whatever your specialty and business model will be, if it relies on mobility and portability to generate sales, we can help you.

All of our carts are designed and manufactured to commercial specifications, including commercial grade stainless steel and aluminum. They are food-safe, lightweight, durable and versatile. You can easily move them into any high traffic locations. Of course you can customize each one with your menus, logos and colors for a personalized business on wheels.

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Before you buy a cart, do your research

One thing is for certain, it won't be a question of whether it will pay for itself or whether there's any good spots to set up shop. There's no shortage of good locations to start a coffee business, just like there's no shortage of customers.  Indoor shopping malls, food courts, parks and any outdoor location with foot traffic will be an excellent location to sell espresso, coffee, cappuccino and mochas.

However, there is a lot to consider before looking at coffee carts for sale. We invite you to do your research before you commit to looking for a cart or kiosk. Don't worry, we're always here and ready to help you along the way. Once you decide which type of unit you want to buy, we can help you source commercial-grade coffee equipment.

Even better, we have many carts, kiosks and portable sinks in the warehouse, ready for sale! When you're ready to get your coffee sales rolling, so are we. We can even ship select in-stock models the next business day to anywhere in the USA.

Quality coffee carts pay for themselves.

Mobile carts are excellent revenue generators. Our quality coffee carts are relatively low cost and are sure to pay for themselves. Our customers report thousands of dollars a day in sales.

A brick and mortar coffee shop may only have a 3 to 15% profit margin after all their operating expenses. They have leases, wages and the cost of goods sold. While they may seemingly make a lot of money, the end result is very little.

With a coffee cart it is a whole different picture. After the minimal expense of buying everything you need to get started, the only ongoing expenses are basically your bean blends, whatever pastries, muffins and cookies you want to resell and your licensing.

Needless to say, the mobile java business can generate some very profitable sales. A cup of coffee is roughly 75% profit. A more expensive designer cappuccino or espresso can be as high as 90%. Low overhead, high profits. Now that's a business model we can all get behind!

We have options that grow with your coffee business

We also offer larger, modular options which allows a larger work area for multiple vendors. Use the extra space for larger equipment such as espresso and cappuccino machines, ice bins, fridges etc. As your business grows, we'll be right there to help, putting your business ideas on wheels.

Cart-King has been in the business for a long time and has worked with all vertical and horizontal markets. We have the experience necessary to help you get your sales rolling.

Do you have questions about our coffee carts for sale? Call us today and let us help. 1-877-986-7771.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cart-King currently offers a few different ways for you to buy a coffee cart. The first is to call our toll free number at 1-877-986-7771 and a sales person will help you get the ball rolling. The second is to send a request through our contact page and have a member of our team call you back.

Finally, you can visit the coffee cart section of our online store to submit an order.

We will provide you a full digital rendering of the unit you want. We can then design and manufacture to your specifications and ship it to your door.

Generally speaking, Cart-King carts are trending to all kinds of blends. Some of the world's best beans from Brazil, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Kenya and others have been introduced to rave reviews. You too can reach customers streetside and serve them a variety of blends from around the world.

Of course there are other complimentary beverages we can mention, such as tea, cappuccino, espresso, lattes and mochas.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn't mention other treats that go hand in hand with a nice cup of java. These options include pastries, croissants, donuts and muffins. Really, you can offer a full service café.

Operating a cart business offers several benefits that have made it a highly sought-after venture or even a side hustle. Even many traditional coffee shops and distributors are promoting their brands with carts and kiosks to increase revenue. These alternatives provide a much better platform for low cost tests.

The key advantages include:

Low Initial Investment: Setting up a coffee business that is mobile requires minimal investment. For newcomers in the industry, minimizing potential losses is crucial. With low startup costs, even if things aren't going as expected, the financial impact is manageable.

High margins: The most notable aspect of selling hot beverages, and especially higher end drinks like cappuccinos, is the high margins. They can be upwards of 80% profit per cup.

Customer Relationships: Selling coffee from a cart allows for direct interaction with customers, fostering stronger relationships. This enables better understanding of customer preferences and facilitates quicker service.

First, after having secured the necessary permits, find a source that you like and is able to provide you with inventory. Ideally you would like to buy at wholesale pricing if possible. Then, choose which high traffic venue is available for you to set up shop. Look to business centers, trade shows, grocery stores and malls for possible locations.

Once you have your source and vending location secured, look for a commercial vendor that specializes in selling to the restaurant industry. They will have all the specialized equipment you need.

Finally, you will need to buy your coffee cart. Of course we can help you with that too!


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